Met Chengdu in Midsummer

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Relaxing tour at dog days in Chengdu and Dujiangyan.

5 days and 4 nights by air, with Mom and grandparents.

Chengdu is known as a cozy city. Its streets are clean, and skies gorgeously blue.

At the same time, it’s prosperous and crowded (like Beijing) in most of the main streets.

We stayed at Holiday Express, 1 km away from Chunxi Road (the most prosperous shopping street in Chengdu). 

Chengdu Chunxi Road Street View

Chunxi Road

From the second day, we started our tour following the Must-Go travel list.

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Upgraded into a AAAA scenic area since 2006, the panda base has gradually shift from a pure scientific research centre to entertainment and exhibition place.

Giant pandas and lesser pandas are most honorable residents here.

Chengdu Panda Base - giant panda

Giant panda with silly face…

Chengdu Panda Base - baby giant panda

Baby giant panda in incubator

Chengdu Panda Base - lesser panda

Lesser panda outdoors

Chengdu Panda Base - lesser panda

Lesser panda comes in front of tourists

Ticket: 58 yuan per person

Opening Hours: 07:30 – 18:00 (all year round)

Kuan Zhai Xiangzi (Wide and Narrow Alley)

Dated back to the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911 AD), Kuan Zhai Xiangzi is one of the historical and cultural reserves in Chengdu, and was renovated in 2008.

It consists of 3 parralled alleys, named Kuan Xiangzi (Wide Alley), Zhai Xiangzi (Narrow Alley), and Jing Xiangzi (Well Alley). Lots of teahouses and restaurants could be seen there.

Chengdu Kuan Zhai Alley (width alley)

Entrance of Kuan Xiangzi

kuan zhai xiangzi

Street view at sunset

Chengdu Kuan Zhai Alley (width alley)

Kuan Jing that connects Kuan Xiangzi with Zhai Xiangzi

Ticket: Free

Du Fu Thatched Cottage

In 759 Du Fu moved to Chengdu, built a thatched hut near the Flower Rinsing Creek and lived there for four years. The “thatched hut” period was the peak of Du Fu’s creativity, during which he wrote two hundred and forty poems, among them: “My Thatched Hut was torn apart by Autumn Wind” and “The Prime Minister of Shu.”

Chendu Du Fu Thatched Cottage

A Quatrain, one of the poet’s well known pieces written at the cottage in 764, describes the surrounding scenery:

A pair of golden orioles sings in green willows
a column of snowy egrets flies off in blue sky
my window contains peaks with a thousand years of ice
my gate harbors boats from ten thousand miles downriver


3 Du Fu Thatched Cottage3Chendu Du Fu Thatched Cottage

Ticket: 60 yuan per person

Opening Hours: Summer 07:30-19:00;Winter 08:00-18:00

Mount Qing Cheng

Qing Cheng Shan is a mountain in Dujiangyan. It is amongst the most important centers of Taoism (Daoism) in China.
Sichuan Mount Qing Chen

Sichuan Mount Qing Chen

On the flag – “Jian (Sword) “

Sichuan Mount Qing Chen

Quiet county path

Sichuan Mount Qing Chen

Hotel outside Mount Qing Cheng with clear and light color


Ticket: 90 yuan per person

Opening hours: 08:00-17:30 (Dec.1 – Mar. 1); 08: 00-18:00 (other time)

Dujiangyan (Irrigation System)

The Dujiangyan Irrigation System was constructed over 2,200 years ago to prevent the Chengdu Plain from been flooded.

It’s excited to see the dam without modern equipments and pleasant surroundings.

Dujiangyan Sichuan

Bamboo bridge decorated in red

Dujiangyan Sichuan

Lidui Park 離堆公園

Dujiangyan Sichuan

Overlook from the hill

Dujiangyan Sichuan

Ancient roof

Ticket: 90 yuan per person

Opening Hours: 08:00-17:30 (Dec.1 – Mar. 1); 08: 00-18:00 (other time)

Food 😛

Sichuan Hot Pot

Sichuan Hot Pot (mild just in the middle and surrounded by spicy)

Chengdu home cooking - Kuan Zhai Alley

Sichuan home cooking cuisine – rib soup with cor

Chengdu home cooking - Brown sugar cake

Brown sugar cake

chengdu home cooking - stewed pig's trotters

Stewed pig trotter

Chengdu home cooking

Boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chill

Dujiangyan Home Cooking

Home cooking restaurant in Dujiangyan


– End –



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