Wu Kai Sha: Fall in Love with the Twilight

(All rights reserved by GOYOMO)

Hong Kong is supposed to be a beargarden, but there are always some places that give you an unexpected feeling of peace and silence.

Wu Kai Sha would never be the most famous place to watch the sunset, but it is convenient to go, and impressive enough.

We went there in early May, by taking MTR Ma On Shan Line and exiting at Wu Kai Sha station (You may either exit at Ma On Shan station, it’s actually much closer to the scenic spot).

At around 6 p.m, it was about to get dark.


Visitors could step onto the shoal area. Waves extended and disappeared beyond the sight.


The gradient of sky was perfectly cast on the water surface.


Surrounded by silence and boundless, respire the refreshing breeze.

HK Wu Kei Sha Trip

Lights were on, adding a warm touch to the pure blue.

HK Wu Kei Sha Trip

Looking beyond, we were so impressed with the reflections and twinkling lights.

HK Wu Kei Sha Trip

Meal time! We had some Korean food near MTR Ma On Shan station- rice cake with pickles,

HK Wu Kei Sha Trip

…and ginseng chicken soup.


Nice trip, hope to go again in a sunny day~

– end –


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