Met Chengdu in Midsummer

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Relaxing tour at dog days in Chengdu and Dujiangyan.

5 days and 4 nights by air, with Mom and grandparents.

Chengdu is known as a cozy city. Its streets are clean, and skies gorgeously blue.

At the same time, it’s prosperous and crowded (like Beijing) in most of the main streets.

We stayed at Holiday Express, 1 km away from Chunxi Road (the most prosperous shopping street in Chengdu). 

Chengdu Chunxi Road Street View

Chunxi Road

From the second day, we started our tour following the Must-Go travel list.

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Wu Kai Sha: Fall in Love with the Twilight

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Hong Kong is supposed to be a beargarden, but there are always some places that give you an unexpected feeling of peace and silence.

Wu Kai Sha would never be the most famous place to watch the sunset, but it is convenient to go, and impressive enough.

We went there in early May, by taking MTR Ma On Shan Line and exiting at Wu Kai Sha station (You may either exit at Ma On Shan station, it’s actually much closer to the scenic spot).

At around 6 p.m, it was about to get dark.


Visitors could step onto the shoal area. Waves extended and disappeared beyond the sight.

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Impressive Foooood Trip in Moscow and St. Petersburg

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During the trip from 9 to 22 May, with the smart guidance of Veronica (a “living navigator” of restaurants and tourist attractions!!!), we explored so many gourmet foods in Russia. All of them have good environment and are well priced.

However, none of the restaurants we liked are traditional Russian food. Why? Perhaps I can post some CUTE Russian cuisines in the end to explain the reason.

So first come our loved restaurants 😛


Top 1 restaurant by Trip Advisor near our hotel (Novotel Moscow Centre), specialised in steaks.

2Beef in Russia

Forgot the name T-T

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Travel to Kenting: exploring magic blue and tender night

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I had been in Taiwan for 5 months 2 years ago. It has been the most relaxed time till now 😛

Kenting is situated in the south of Taiwan. It’s bright, colourful and enthusiastic. Not so hot in May.

It’s also quiet, gentle and elegant, when each night it got into dark.

Kenting Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946 墾丁大街

Kenting Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946 墾丁大街

Wind,wave and sunshine

The “magic blue” is owe to the terrible sunshine, but it deserves.

Baisha Kenting Taiwan where Cape No.7 is filmedBaisha Kenting Cape No.7_2

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Outlying islands in HK – Grassland (Tap Mun)




十來分鐘從落腳的港口行至山頭。看海浪輕柔的擁吻。看山巒疊翠。看陽光下的海,又不似同一片海。看行走的云。想望向視線的盡頭。看偶爾駛過船隻,而畫面太平靜,不改本身的波瀾。 Continue reading “信步塔門,看波逐水流,草低牛走”

Trip to the Outlying Islands in HK – Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau is one of the outlying islands in Hong Kong. Perhaps it’s less well-known as Sai Kung, but it’s really popular among Hong Kong residents. The only reason is – seafood!

Numerous fishing boats stop on the bank. Fishers are selling fresh seafoods- crabs, nameless fishes, mantis shrimps (my favourite!) etc. and etc.

Infrastructures of Chang Zhou are pretty mature. There are residents, schools, supermarkets (and I saw ambulance and police cars that day…). It’s not only a tourist attraction, also a homeland for its people. Pretty different from other islands.

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Hong Kong Wetland Park

Hong Kong Wetland Park is situated at the northwest of Hong Kong (perhaps). You can see some skyscrapers of Shenzhen in cute shapes 😛 from some certain point in this park. Nice weather, nice landscape and convenient transportation. A brilliant place for weekend~


A lotus blooms in this warm February. I want to go there in April or May again and imagine a pool of blossom.


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